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Changing the world, one robot at a time

FIRST FTC team 7247 was founded in 2013 by Vaughn Gross and Dick Hurban to create an FTC team for Waterloo High School students, filling the gap left by FTC team 5445, which had operated in the area since 2011 but was only open for students who participated in TRIO programs. Gross received $20,000 in funding from the Waterloo Community Schools District to implement robotics classes at both area high schools, East and West, each of which would have two associated FTC teams run by the robotics class. These classes and teams continued for several years until Gross left the district. 7247, H2O Loo Bots remains as the primary Waterloo High School Robotics team, open to any student in the Cedar Valley. Some of the awards that we have received over the years include the Think award, the design awards, many high places ranking in competitions, and the Chairman's Award for Our FRC team: 5837 Unity For Tech.

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