About Us

Our Captain is Bailey Halloway followed with help and support from our coach  Richard "Dick" Hurban.




My name is Bailey Hollaway, I am currently in 12th grade at Waterloo East and West High Schools and Cedar Falls High School.  I have been in robotics for 7th years now from FLL to FRC. I joined in 5th grade on FLL and spent two years on FTC from 6th-7th grade.  I am a part of Team 7247 now.  Some of my hobbies include Robotics, video games, welding, writing, and drawing. I really like to build robots in robotics and outreach to sponsors in the local area.  I am also in the Boy Scouts of America and really enjoy doing both BSA and Robotics.


My name is Eric Yu, I’m currently a Senior at Waterloo East High School. I’ve been associated with FIRST for about 8 years, and I've been an honor roll student ever since 8th grade with a 4.3 GPA, I'm also my schools' Valedictorian. I am currently doing the IB Diploma Program. Some of my hobbies include golf, basketball, and gaming with my friends and family.


Hello, my name is Brendon and I am a Junior at East High. This is my fifth year in FIRST and I'm excited to see how this season goes on. My job on the team is on the technical size including writing our portfolio. Outside of robotics I am in the IB Diploma Program, theater, and speech.


Hi, I am Evie and I'm a junior. This is my 8th year doing robotics. I am looking into becoming a software engineer when I graduate.



My name is Emily and I've been in robotics for 3 years at 2 different schools. I am currently a freshman at East High School, what I like about this robotics team is that we are allowed to be our own person and chose what we want the robots to look like and how we can work it. We are completely in charge of the robot, and we work together, and grow as a team.

Lauren <3

well hii My name is Lauren and this is my first year of robotics ever and its been really good so far I'm in the 9TH grade at east High school and I enjoy hanging with my friends and working and watching movies with my little sister


My name is Ethan Yu, I am a senior at Waterloo East High School. I have been in FIRST robotics since 2016.  I usually get a 3.8-4.0 for my GPA. Sports I play are Golf, Basketball, Track, and SSBU and Rocket League for my eSports team at school.


My name is Noah and I am a Senior at Waterloo West High School. I have been a part of FIRST for six years. I did two years of FIRST Lego League in 4-5th grade and did one year of FIRST Tech Challenge at Hoover. I joined Lego League because I thought it would be more than robotics. What I found was a family and that is why I keep coming back.


Hi, I am Cael and I go to West High. I joined the team when I was a sophomore and am now a junior. I've been in FIRST for 8 years. When I graduate, I plan on persuing a career in the field of construction.


Hello, I am Cheyenne White. I am a student at waterloo East high. I have been on the Robotics team for 2 years. My after high school plans are undecided.



Hello, My name is James and I'm down to do anything on the team that is needed.
I go to East High and this is my first year in any sort of robotics team.

Nura "Gris"


Hii, my name is Mariahla but I go by Mari as you can see. I'm in 9th grade at East Highschool and this is my first year at robotics, so far my favorite thing about it is working with the robot and working together with my team members. 



My name is Samantha, and I am a freshman at East High School. My favorite thing to do in robotics is building the robot and trying it out on the field, what I like about this is testing the robot and learning from my mistakes. This is my first time doing any sort of robotics, and so far I have been enjoying it, I plan to do it again in the future.





This is my fifth year mentoring for First. I'm an engineer at John Deere, writing software tools for building engines. I enjoy hiking, chess, and cooking.


Dick Hurban is a FIRST Robotics and STEM Fanatic. He has BS and MS degrees from Rutgers University in Agricultural Engineering. He has worked for John Deere as an Engine Engineer for 31 years. He became a FIRST mentor in 2008 when his daughter, Jennifer joined Cedar Falls FRC team 525.  In 2011 Dick began mentoring FTC teams in Waterloo, IA with Mr. Vaughn Gross. In September 2015 these two started Waterloo FRC Team 5837. Dick began volunteering for all FIRST programs in 2011 and has since volunteered at over 50 events.  He was the recipient of the Hero Award from University of Northern Iowa's Classic Upward Bound program in 2013 for his mentoring and dedication to challenging students to become engaged in FIRST and STEM. In 2015 he was named the John Deere Inspire Award winner for his commitment to students and their participation in FIRST programs. At the inaugural Iowa FRC Regional in Cedar Falls, IA


This is my 7th year with FIRST but my first with the team. I am an engineer at John Deere, managing engine controls and after-treatment continuous improvement teams. I enjoy landscaping, traveling, soccer, and food.