About Us

Our Captain is Joshua Wolff followed by our Co-Team captains Caleb Borwig and Bailey Hollaway with help and support from our coach  Richard "Dick" Hurban.

Also Sam is a really cool team member.

Our Team:

Josh (Team Captain)

My name is Josh. This is my third year in robotics. I am a Senior at West High School.  I joined robotics because a lot of my friends were in it and told me that it would be a fun time. In my experience at robotics, I have learned a lot and made a lot of new friends. That's Awesome.

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My name is Malachi Morris, I am in 12th grade at East High School. I’ve been in FIRST robotics for 6 years before this year.
My name is Eric Yu, I’m currently a Junior at Waterloo East High School. I’ve been associated with FIRST for about 56years, and I’m a 4.0 honor roll student ever since 8th grade. Some of my hobbies include golf, basketball, and gaming with my friends and family. 
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My name is Noah and I am a Junior at Waterloo West High School. I have been a part of FIRST for five years. I did two years of FIRST Lego League in 4-5th grade and did one year of FIRST Tech Challenge at Hoover. I joined Lego League because I thought it would be more than robotics. What I found was a family and that is why I keep coming back.
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I'm Oliver and this is my second year in FIRST and I think it is very fun and I get to do things with other people because I am a homeschooled Junior.



My name is Sam. I am a junior at Waterloo East High School. I started doing robotics in 6th grade. Our 8th-grade year, my school didn’t have a robotics team due to a lack of a coach. In 9th grade, I joined FRC 5837: Unity4Tech & FTC 7248: Pluto. Unfortunately, the following year coronavirus happened and due to my already extremely busy schedule, I had to take a year off of robotics. This year, however, I am so excited to get involved in both the FIRST tech challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition. In the future, I plan to coach a FIRST Lego League team. Outside of robotics I work fir the Boys and Girls club and marching band.


I am a sophomore at West High School. This is my first ear on the team and I had previously experienced the wonders of FIRST from FLL. I work on the robot and outside of robotics I am in band.



My name is Dylan and I am a freshman at West High school and this is my second year in FIRST. I had been on the Bunger team during Middle School but had that opportunity cut short. I am very excited to be a part of this team.



I started with the team these past few years assisting with Java programming. I currently work with the University of Northern Iowa developing the electronic content management system. I've always had a passion for technology, learning to code while playing MUDS in high school. While in high school there was no program like First robotics or even classes that I could take, when I discovered First it sounded exciting and I realized would get to make a robot!! I've enjoyed my  time thus far and find the  entire experience Rewarding and look forward to continuing my 

involvement in the future.


Caleb (co-Team Captain)

My name is Caleb. I'm a Senior at Waterloo East High School and this is my fourth year in robotics. I started robotics knowing absolutely nothing but through my peers and mentors I quickly learned

many strategies for team play, driving, and even computer-aided design. Robotics has consumed every aspect of my life and I'm excited to expand

My knowledge in STEM

And hopefully, pursue a

job in the field.

Bailey (Co-Team Captain)
My name is Bailey Hollaway, I am currently in 11th grade at Waterloo East High School and Cedar Falls High School.  I have been in robotics for 6 years now from FLL to FRC. I joined in 5th grade on FLL and spent two years on FTC from 6th-7th grade.  I am a part of Team 7247 now.  Some of my hobbies include Robotics, video games, welding, writing, and drawing. I really like to build robots in robotics and outreach to sponsors in the local area.  I am also in the Boy Scouts of America and really enjoy doing both BSA and Robotics.
Ethan Y.
My name is Ethan Yu, I am a Junior at Waterloo East High School. I have been in FIRST robotics since 2016.  I usually get a 3.8-4.0 for my GPA. The sports I play include Golf, Basketball, Track, and Rocket league for my eSports team at school.

                Ethan P.

I am currently a Sophomore at West High School. This is my 7th year of Robotics and I coded most of the autonomous this year. I also helped with a lot of the Tele-Op. I have a brother named Noah who is also on the team.


My name is Brendon and I am a Sophomore at East High School. This is my fourth year in FIRST. I have assisted in coding, the root, the website, and the engineering notebook. Since I joined I have been coming out of my shell and I love interacting with the other team members. I have been enjoying participating and being an acquaintance with this team and I know it will deeply affect my future. My hobbies include reading, watching movies, and writing.

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My name is Chey and I am a freshman at East High School.
I have been in robotics for 2 years, participating in FIRST Lego League in 4th grade, and have recently rejoined FTC & I plan on participating in FRC this year.


Hi I am a freshman at West High School and I have never been in First. I feel that this will be a great experience for me and for my coding abilities

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Dick Hurban is a FIRST Robotics and STEM Fanatic. He has BS and MS degrees from Rutgers University in Agricultural Engineering. He has worked for John Deere as an Engine Engineer for 35 years. He became the FIRST mentor in 2008 when his daughter, Jennifer joined Cedar Falls FRC team 525.  In 2011 Dick began mentoring FTC teams in Waterloo, IA with Mr. Vaughn Gross. In September 2015 these two started Waterloo FRC Team 5837. Dick began volunteering for all FIRST programs in 2011 and has since volunteered at over 60 events.  He was the recipient of the Hero Award from the University of Northern Iowa's Classic Upward Bound program in 2013 for his mentoring and dedication to challenging students to become engaged in FIRST and STEM. In 2015 he was named the John Deere Inspire Award winner for his commitment to students and their participation in FIRST programs. At the inaugural Iowa FRC Regional in Cedar Falls, IA. in 2016, Dick was named the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner. He was overcome when FRC 5837 Unity4Tech won the Chairman's Award at the 2020 Iowa Regional. He is most proud of his family, who all mentors and/or volunteer for FIRST. He expects one or more of his students to be involved in a Mission to Mars, works on a cure for cancer, earns a Nobel Prize.