(2020 -2021Outreaches)

Swartdogs (FRC 525). Jan. 2021: 

Machined our Polycarbonate with their CNC and we learned to utilizing the resources of other teams is a great way to build competition

Wired Up (FTC 12754), Mar. 3: 

Assisted in Odometry Tuning and we learned that we can build GP through our connections.

Delta Robotics (FTC 9925)/ Shell Bots (FTC 14736) Mar. 14:

Advised our portfolio with suggestions on Think Award and we learned that reaching out to teams to fulfill our goals is a great way to show competition.

Jennifer Redfern, a Genetics Major:

She met with us to explain the benefits of staying safe during Covid while teaching us how the vaccines are made and we learned to stay safe and more about the Covid-19 vaccine.

Frog Robots of Germany:

Assisted in coding their vision system and we learned that we can use social media to assist teams around the world.

FTC startup in Chad with Chadian Developers:

Worked with international STEM groups to start a team in Chad, Africa and we learned that We can pave the way to be global ambassadors.

Jesse Cosby Neighborhood Center: 

Worked with multiple local organizations to build and upkeep a community garden and we learned that there are many ways to positively impact our community.

Button Care Packages:

Sent out Button Care Packages to FTC teams at our League Championship and Super Qualifier and we learned that We can spread GP even in trying times

Practice Interviews With Volunteers of The FIRST Community:
We met with several judges of other FIRST competitions to go over our interview and portfolio
Dave Mundhunke 2021:

We needed a piece machined for our shooter, we sent it to Dave and he machined it for us.

Virtual Pit Showcase:

We used the pit showcase as a way to reach out to other teams and help others with any issues they were having in any way we could.

Fundraiser For Mitochondrial Research:

Our team raised $216 and plans to raise $500+ total for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation to raise awareness for the disease.

Button Care Packages:

We sent out “Button Care Packages”, which were filled with good luck buttons, to several teams participating in the State Championship to spread GP in a trying time.

Meeting with John Deere Engineers from Pakistan, Chad, and India

March 2021:

We held a session with 8 engineers from JD to explain our design process and take lots of questions.


FTC Startup In Chad, Africa

What We’ve Done:

Parts rounded up and shipped

Game pieces shipped

Manuals for basic robot construction

Instructional videos made

Arranged several meetings to meet the mentors

Learned more about the country of Chad

General Info:

Starting the very first FTC team in Chad

Teaming up with Chadians Developers

6 mentors already stepped forward

Our new mentor, Kabbod, acts as our liaison and translator

Opening the path for us to be global ambassadors

First competition by 2022

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Pre-Season Outreach

     My Waterloo Days Parade:

  • We participated in the parade to promote our image in our community

  • To show that we are like a very fun, toxic, and emotionally supportive family

  • We received a $100 award for best "Youth" float.




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Waterloo Bike Wash:

  • Hosted at the Waterloo Public library

  • To have fun watching other kids have fun

  • To teach kids the importance and significance of safety

  • ​To teach the importance of technology and the impact of livelihoods of technological advances


Seasonal Outreach

Cedar Bend Humane Society

Our part included helping around and cleaning animals and their environments.

Cat Towers Should include:
Hotel Rooms
Bridge Walk
Water Bowls?

Businesses Associated:
Joanns Fabric     
The Restore        
Harbor Freight    
Tractor Supply   
True Value          
Pet Supply 

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